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5 apps you need to download after moving to the Netherlands

Moving to a new country always leads to information overload with suggestions coming from every direction on things you need to do, have, see, etc. In this age of smartphones, condensing that info into some bite-size options that you can have with you at all times is hugely practical.

These are my suggestions on the 5 apps you need to download after moving to the Netherlands...

9292 & NS Reisplanner

(I know these should be counted as two apps but they are both for travel so I'm grouping them together as one!) These apps are must-haves if you'll be travelling by public transport. Giving you real-time status updates, route planners, ticket prices etc, both of these apps are so useful to have when you're using public transport in the Netherlands.


It rains a lot in the Netherlands and Buienalarm lets you be, at least, a little bit prepared for what's coming. Using information from weather radars, this app shows you a two-hour period for your location (or you can choose to view a different location) and any expected rainfall - light, moderate or heavy. It also gives you the current temperature.


An excellent and convenient way to share costs between friends, the Tikkie app is brilliant. Scenario: group of friends are out for dinner, it's easier for one person to pay rather than ask the waiter to split the bill and take 6 different payments, "send me a Tikkie" you hear from your mates....from your phone you send each friend a payment request from Tikkie for the amount they owe you. They click a few options on their phones and it's all sorted, money transferred.

Google Translate

Whilst you're still learning Dutch, the Google Translate app comes in very handy when you're faced with information that you need to read but can't yet understand. In particular, I found this app really helpful when doing my supermarket shopping and found myself staring blindly at shelves of flour or vinegar or cleaning products and just not knowing which ones were the ones I needed and were the equivalents of what I was used to buying back home in the UK.


Ok, I know, this seems like an obvious app for many people to have anyway but did you know Expats Zwolle is also on Instagram (@expatszwolle)? We regularly post useful info, tips and photos about expat life, Zwolle and the Netherlands so it's a pretty good place to go to if you want to see what we're up to and how we could help you with any queries after you've moved to the Netherlands.

What other apps have you found useful when living in the Netherlands? Or if you haven't moved here yet - or have only recently arrived - what info do you think would be useful?

Comment and let us know and we'll help with suggestions if we can...



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