Looking to kick-start your social life and find your way in and around Zwolle? Feel free to reach out to us.


Expats Zwolle is an organisation committed to connecting internationals living in this part of the Netherlands whether for personal, professional or academic reasons. We are a community run by expats for expats.


Expats Zwolle has a rapidly growing number of members, events and ideas. With us, you will find a diverse group from all walks of life, ready to enrich your experience of living in the Netherlands. We are always up for a cup of coffee or a beer or to meet up for a walk or a chat. That’s how we've grown the organisation into such an engaged, fun, supportive group.

Ex-expat now back home in the Netherlands. Helped to found Expats Zwolle because everyone deserves to have a great time in our city, especially if it's in a bar and involves a beer.



One of the early days' member from Expats Zwolle, an Indian by origin. An international business expert by profession and entertainer by default. Loves to give a creative twist to almost everything.   



A founding member of the Expats Zwolle group, a Kiwi and just a bloody great guy (very humble as well). Loves to travel, see new places, experience new things and share memories with friends. 



American raised in the Netherlands. With the help of some amazing sidekicks I organise the events for the expat community, which range from drinks at one of Zwolle's laid-back bars with fellow expats to board game nights where anything can (and does) happen.

Activities Co-ordinator


We are a growing group of open-minded, fun-loving and culturally-diverse individuals who bring our uniqueness and experiences to create an extraordinary community for expats in Zwolle. Check out the map below to see where some of our members come from...


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